My right hand man Brian Donofrio did an outstanding presentation on the 40-yard dash for football players. After re-watching this webinar, I realized that he nails down so many  points that we attack baseball players with it would be a disservice to not share it with you. This should be mandatory viewing for anyone wishing to play college or pro baseball.

If you have further questions please comment below in the comments sections and Brian or I will follow-up.


Josh’s notes on training the 40 or 60-yard dash:

  • In training, we are most concerned with acceleration, not top speed. Teaching someone how to properly accelerate can drop their time .2 in a matter of one session.
  • Muscle mass, broad jump, and reverse lunges are great indicators of acceleration potential.
  • Stop wasting time running more than 100 yards. Get stronger and everything else works itself out.
  • The fastest athletes/best movers I’ve every worked with have amazing abilities to bear crawl.