Hands on Training

Movement and Orthopedic Assessment

We start each client off with a comprehensive movement and orthopedic assessment. This process involves looking at injury history, training experience, sports played, and goals.

Based on our evaluation, we build an individualized training program that is executed via an Integrated Performance Session or Semi-Private Training Session.



Integrated Performance Session

Integrated Performance Sessions are one on one 60-minute sessions. These sessions are driven by our movement/orthopedic assessment, injury history, and goals. Sessions are customized to get each client the maximum results in the shortest amount of time. This in the ideal for our injured clientele who is in pain or our athletes looking for 1-on-1 attention.

Tools utilized in these sessions may include Cupping, Manipulation, Massage, Movement Training, Stretching, Strength, Speed, and Power Training.



Distance Coaching

John-Murphy-SI-YankeeDistance coaching is offered for those who are looking to get individualized programming but cannot make the commitment to train in our CT facility.

The evaluation will include a movement assessment, health history, goal orientation, and action plan based on the previously stated factors.

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TsullJosh is available to present on a variety of topics. Most notable talks include:

  • Advanced Athletic Development
  • Integrated Medicine for Strength Coaches
  • Little Leaguer Injury Prevention
  • Long-Term Athletic Development
  • Pitcher Development
  • Screening and Training for Crossfit Coaches
  • On-site Treatments

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