For the past year, I have had the pleasure to work with Phil Rosengren (  Phil was looking for a strength coach whom he could trust to get results and keep his athletes healthy and reached out to me.  Together we have worked with many pitchers; Phil breaking down their motion analysis and myself covering any movement, orthopedic and strength limitations.

Phil offers a unique perspective on pitching as both a former professional pitcher and someone who is willing to break conventional wisdom of old fashion pitching folklore.  Unlike many coaches, Phil breaks down mechanics without completely overhauling each person.  He understands that not everyone can move a certain way and has different genetic gifts that should be highlighted mechanically.  To be frank, there is no cookie cutter approach with any of his athletes.

If you live in NY or CT, and throw a baseball he’s someone you should reach out to without hesitation.  If not, your in luck.  Phil has released Ballistic Pitching BluePrint which will allow you to have access to all the drills he uses AND a free motion analysis.  Retail the whole program is less than the price of a one on one lesson, but for this weekend only he is offering the program for only $37!

To make this offer even more of a no-brainer, I am offering anyone who purchases his product before Friday May 24th, 2013 a free month of semi-private training here at Moore is Southport in the month of June.   For those on the fence, we have members traveling from as far as 3 hours away to train with our staff to reach their high school, collegiate, and professional baseball goals.  All I ask is you send me a copy of your receipt from Ballistic Pitching BluePrint to!